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James Thomas Engineering was born in small garage in Bishampton, England in 1977. From those humble beginnings, to a converted office unit, to a much larger 464,5 m² space in 1980, the seeds were planted for a new industry leader in aluminium general purpose truss design.
By 1983, James Thomas developed a pre-rigged truss design used by major rock bands on world tours. Fast forward to 1990 when James Thomas Engineering began manufacturing in the United States to keep truss design moving on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1992, the SuperTruss system was designed. This new truss design proved that James Thomas Engineering was on the leading edge of aluminium and general purpose truss design. As the years passed, James Thomas Engineering continued to grow. As demand for its SuperTruss systems grew, and with creation of newer products, it was clear that a new facility was required.
In October of 2001, the office in the United States relocated to a new 9000 m² facility specifically built on 25 400 m². By growing with their demands, James Thomas Engineering continued to maintain the exceptional customer service its clients had come to expect. As an industry leader in SuperTruss systems and GeneralPurpose aluminium truss design, James Thomas Engineering remained committed to their mission statement: Innovation through design and excellence. 
In 2014, James Thomas partnered with TOMCAT and Area Four Industries to be a part of the world´s  largest aluminium truss manufacturing group. With this collaboration, James Thomas Engineering continues to provide exceptional products and services the market expects. 

James Thomas Engineering Today
When it comes to aluminium trussing, rigging, and ground support manufacturers, none are more established or better known than James Thomas Engineering. Clients around the world rely on its GeneralPurpose, SuperTruss and HD truss systems for their structural support needs. 
Its technology currently supports the most innovative productions in outdoor concerts, theaters, or corporate venues, and continues to provide ideal structures for any size event or application in limitless configurations. James Thomas Engineering manufactures professional gear for this industry, and should be used only by professionals qualified to assemble, erect, and maintain such systems. 
Since innovation is its first priority, you can rely on JTE to provide the latest technological advances and products. JTE leads the industry in engineered solutions for lifting and rigging. 
Over forty years in the industry, the highest quality materials, talented craftsmen, and innovative designs have led to James Thomas Engineering being seen as a leader in the industry. But its dedication to outstanding customer service has truly served to set it apart from other truss manufacturers. Let its professional team help you find the systems and products that will fit with your needs and provide full support for your next project.
Innovation Through Design and Engineering Excellence.
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