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Strong corners, Expanded versatility, Interesting angles

Strong corners, Expanded versatility, Interesting angles
Our conical truss Multicubes have been designed to increase the strength of your truss structure corners, while offering six different truss connection points with integrated location holes for expanding your structure’s versatility. All multicubes are available in regular and heavy-duty versions, and are compatible with JT22 Quatro, JT30 Quatro, JT30H Quatro and JT40H Quatro truss. In fact, the heavy-duty multicube provides enough strength to reach the maximum loading capacity of your truss. Male and female receiver accessories are available for convenient, trouble-free connections.
Discover the heavy-duty hinge design of our conical truss Bookcorners with 0 – 1800 adjustability for achieving new and interesting angles that help your structures stand out. Their rigid aluminium profile is constructed with bolted male or female receivers, which are compatible with both the quatro and trio formats in the JT30 and JT40 truss series’. 
Read more about our conical truss Multicubes here and Bookcorners here.
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