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JTE contributes to rover’s return mission to Mars

A James Thomas Engineering 20.5” SuperTower system was used to construct a test stand at Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in California for the return mission from Mars. The plates and gates of the tower system were employed to make all connections for the tower’s different levels.
The test stand will be used to simulate the speeds of samples that have been jettisoned off Mars by the rover and returned to earth via an ascent rocket for detailed chemical and physical analysis. It is crucial that the re-entry system containing the returning samples do not fail upon impact and become contaminated with the earth’s soil.
Use of the JTE tower allows JPL to gather as much real data as possible to ensure success of the mission. With the JTE tower, the current unit doesn’t just experience free fall impact but also has a built-in accelerator so impact can be simulated in real time and all possible scenarios can be accounted for. 
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