2.5m tower section for use with the TT3 Tower.

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Technical information

Code: 4ST30T-L2500
2.5 m tower section
Old code: JT B5325

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Basic info

2.5m tower section for use with the TT3 Tower. Made from 6082-T6 aluminium.
• 30.5cm square ground support tower
• Serves as lifting medium for a variety of JTE truss
(from 52 x 52 cm, heavy-duty, Supertruss and Pre-rig truss
  to Roof Systems)
• Fork connections for fast assembly and higher load ratings
than bolted towers
• Provides support for truss rigs where flying points are not
   strong enough or in the wrong place
• Each tower can lift up to 4 tons (incl. self weight of truss rig
   and motors) to a height of 12 metres
• Raises and lowers truss rig via an electric hoist rigged into
   the truss in double fall operation (passing over roller beam
   at top of tower and connected to other side of sleeve block)
• 50 x 4 mm main chords
• 25 x 3 mm diagonals
• Tower sections are pinned together to allow for 76 cm
   increments in height to a maximum height of 12 metres
• Made from 6082-T6 aluminium
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